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Arihant Class 10 & 12 All Subjects Sample Paper [PDF]

Class 10 and 12 board exams are pivotal junctures in every student’s academic journey. These exams not only determine your academic merit but also pave the way for your future educational and professional pursuits. With immense pressure and a vast syllabus to conquer, excelling in these exams can feel like an insurmountable task. However, fret not, for Arihant’s meticulously designed Class 10 & 12 All Subjects Sample Papers come to your rescue as your ultimate preparation guide.

Educart Class 10 & 12 All Subjects Sample Paper [PDF]
Educart Class 10 & 12 All Subjects Sample Paper [PDF]       

Why Choose Arihant Sample Papers?

Arihant Publications has been a trusted name in the educational publishing domain for over three decades. Their Class 10 & 12 All Subjects Sample Papers are meticulously crafted by subject matter experts, keeping in mind the latest exam patterns and syllabus guidelines. These sample papers offer a plethora of benefits for students aiming to ace their board exams:

  • Precisely Mimic Real Exam Paper: The sample papers are designed to
    replicate the actual exam paper in terms of format, question types, and
    difficulty level. This familiarity with the exam pattern reduces anxiety and
    fosters confidence in students.
  • Comprehensive Coverage of Syllabus: Each sample paper comprehensively
    covers all the essential topics and sub-topics mentioned in the official
    syllabus. This ensures that students do not miss out on any crucial area of
  • Variety of Question Types: The sample papers feature a diverse range of
    questions, including objective-type, subjective-type, short answer, and long
    answer questions. This exposure equips students to tackle any type of
    question asked in the actual exam.
  • Detailed Solutions and Explanations: Every question in the sample
    papers comes with well-explained solutions and step-by-step explanations.
    This helps students understand the correct approach to solving problems and
    identify their mistakes.
  • Boost in Practice and Time Management: Solving ample sample papers
    enhances students’ practice and refines their time management skills. They
    learn to prioritize questions, allocate time effectively, and attempt the
    paper within the stipulated timeframe.
  • Build Exam Temperament: Repeated exposure to the exam format and types
    of questions through sample papers helps students develop exam temperament.
    They overcome anxiety, stay focused, and approach the actual exam with a
    calm and composed mind.

Subject-Specific Insights:

Arihant Sample Papers are available for all major subjects of Class 10 and
12, including:
  • Mathematics: Master complex mathematical concepts and formulas with
    practice problems that cover all areas of the syllabus, from algebra and
    geometry to trigonometry and statistics.
  • Science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology): Gain a deeper understanding of
    scientific concepts and principles through well-designed experiments and
    diagrams. Practice numerical problems and application-based questions to
    excel in science subjects.
  • Social Science (History, Geography, Civics, Economics): Enhance your
    knowledge of historical events, geographical features, political systems,
    and economic principles. Hone your analytical skills and develop critical
    thinking through thought-provoking questions.
  • Languages (English, Hindi, Sanskrit): Improve your grammar, vocabulary,
    and writing skills with comprehensive practice exercises. Develop fluency in
    expressing yourself accurately and confidently in both spoken and written
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Additional Resources for Enhanced Preparation:

In addition to sample papers, Arihant offers a plethora of other resources to
support your Class 10 & 12 exam preparation:

  • Arihant’s All-in-One Series: These comprehensive study materials
    provide detailed explanations of concepts, solved examples, practice
    exercises, and previous years’ question papers—all under one roof.
  • Arihant’s Chapter-wise Question Banks: Sharpen your understanding of
    individual chapters with subject-specific question banks containing a vast
    collection of practice problems.
  • Arihant’s Online Learning Resources: Access interactive video lectures,
    quizzes, and study materials on Arihant’s website and mobile app for a
    dynamic and engaging learning experience.


Conquering Class 10 & 12 board exams requires dedication, perseverance,
and the right preparation tools. Arihant’s Class 10 & 12 All Subjects
Sample Papers provide you with the comprehensive practice and exam-oriented
insights you need to excel. So, embrace the power of Arihant sample papers,
dedicate yourself to consistent practice, and confidently stride towards your
board exam success!

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