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CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 (2023-24) | Free Solution PDF

CBSE’s latest sample papers for the 2023-24 board exams for class 10 Mathematics, Science, Social, English and Hindi are available for free download with a solution PDF on the GMS – Learning Simply App. CBSE sample paper 2023-24 class 10 is the collection of the best model question papers issued by CBSE that will certainly help students. The student will understand the question pattern of the upcoming board examinations. For step-to-step guidance, we at offer a wide range of question banks and online test series developed by our experts. Years of experience and constant follow-ups on each section make these sample papers parallel to CBSE model question papers.

CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 (2023-24) | Free Solution PDF
CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 (2023-24) | Free Solution PDF

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers 2023-24 – 2023

Sample Papers give you a sure-shot idea and guess about the board exam syllabus and marking structure. And in the class 10 exam, time management is the key to scoring higher marks. We recommend our students to practice more and more sample papers to mark their presence amongst bright students and ensure success.

CBSE Sample Paper 2023-24 Class 10

We know that the CBSE class 10 curriculum has five main subjects. These five subjects are English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science. We have CBSE class 10 sample paper 2023-24 for all these five subjects. Students can download them free from our mobile app.

Class 10 sample paper 2023-24 for all these five core subjects will definitely help students score high in their class 10 board exams. We are also proving model answers and marking schemes along with each sample paper.

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Our Top Teachers who Prepared these Sample Papers:

CBSE Sample Papers Class 10 (2023-24) | Free Solution PDF

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Mathematics

Class 10 Mathematics has two courses. These are Basic Mathematics and Standard Mathematics. We have model papers for both basic and standard maths. The difficulty level of basic maths is a bit lower. So as the sample papers of the basic maths.

Class 10 Basic Maths Sample Paper 2023-24

As discussed, the sample question paper for class 10 maths basic is different from standard maths. You can download the latest sample papers of basic maths from the “GMS – Learning Simply” App or our student dashboard.

Class 10 Standard Maths Sample Paper 2023-24

CBSE class 10 maths standard question paper for the academic year 2023-24 is now available on the website. The standard maths sample paper has the same number of questions but the difficulty level is a bit higher as compared to maths basic.

CBSE-X SQP Math (STD) SP417.pdf
Sample Paper
609 KB

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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Science

CBSE class 10 Science model question papers include questions from Physics, Chemistry and Biology altogether. The sample paper has both subjective and objective questions. You will find many MCQs in your annual board exam question paper in 2023. The question types in the CBSE class 10 Science sample paper are:

Typology of Questions:

  • VSA includes objective-type questions
  • Assertion – Reasoning-type questions
  • Short answer type questions
  • Long answer type questions
  • Source-based/ Case-based/ Passage-based/ Integrated assessment questions

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Class 10 Science sample question paper will have many multiple-choice questions. These questions have four options out of which anyone is correct.

Case Study Questions

Not only MCQs but CBSE 10th Science model paper have 1-2 case study questions as well. There will be 4-5 questions based on a given text/visual. Students must practice such questions on regular basis.

Subjective Questions

Subjective questions have a variety of questions from very short answer type (VSA) to long answer type (LA) questions. It has VSA, SA, and LA questions. Students should focus on all such types of questions while preparing for their CBSE class 10 Science board exam.

X Science SP416.pdf.pdf
Sample Paper
2.90 MB

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Social Science

CBSE Social Science model question papers for class 10th comprise all four books in one paper. These four books are:

  1. Class 10 History
  2. Class 10 Geography
  3. Class 10 Political Science
  4. Class 10 Economics

CBSE SST-X SP422.pdf
Sample Paper
2.90 MB
Social Science

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English Language and Literature Sample Paper

CBSE English subject now has two courses. These are English Language & Literature and English Communicative. Earlier CBSE had these two courses but for the past few years, communicative English was discontinued. Now, CBSE has introduced it again.

The Two Courses in Class 10 English

  • English Language and Literature
  • English Communicative

Model Papers for Language and Literature

CBSE has modified the English Language and Literature syllabus for class 10. The grammar portion will have gap-filling and editing questions. However, CBSE has reduced the topics in the grammar part too. In the same way, CBSE will now ask more multiple-choice questions in class 10 English Language paper.

SQP English 2023.pdf
Sample Paper

{English SQP Under Preparation – Coming Soon}

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Sample Papers

Class 10 Hindi also has two courses, Hindi A and Hindi B. Hindi A is the higher level of the course whereas most of the students take Hindi B as a second language.

We have the latest model question papers and sample papers for class 10 Hindi course A. It comprises four sections viz. reading, writing, grammar and literature.

As we have already discussed that Hindi A will have up to 50% objective questions, we recommend that students must go through the latest changes and study through the updated sample papers.

परीक्षा हेतु पाठ्यक्रम विनिर्देशन

  • प्रश्रपत्र दो खण्डों – खंड ‘अ’ और ‘ब’ में विभक्त होगा।
  • खंड ‘अ’ में 49 वस्तुपरक प्रश्न पूछे जाएँगे, जिनमें से केवल 40 प्रश्नों के ही उत्तर देने होंगे।
  • खंड ‘ब’ में वर्णनात्मक प्रश्न पूछे जाएँगे। प्रश्रों में उचित आंतरिक विकल्प दिए जाएँगे।
  • भारांक – 80 अंक (वार्षिक बोर्ड परीक्षा) + 20 (आंतरिक परीक्षा)
SQP Hindi 2023.pdf
Sample Paper
Hindi A

{Hindi SQP Under Preparation – Coming Soon}

CBSE Class 10 Hindi B Sample Papers

Hindi B sample papers are available on the GMS – Learning Simply App and student dashboard for free download.

  • प्रश्र-पत्र दो खण्डों – खंड ‘अ’ और ‘ब’ का होगा।
  • खंड ‘अ’ में 45 वस्तुपरक प्रश्न पूछे जाएँगे जिनमें से केवल 40 प्रश्नों के ही उत्तर देने होंगे।
  • खंड ‘ब’ में वर्णनात्मक प्रश्न पूछे जाएँगे। प्रश्रों में उचित आंतरिक विकल्प दिए जाएँगे। भारांक – 80 (वार्षिक परीक्षा) + 20 (आंतरिक परीक्षा)

HINDI B SQP njk2023.png
Sample Paper
2.81 MB
Hindi B

What makes this sample paper a differentiator

CBSE sample paper 2023-24 class 10 that is available on GMS – Learning Simply app is prepared by a team of expert teachers who are teaching in CBSE schools for years. So, these are the best model papers for class 10 board students.

  1. All sample papers and question sets can be downloaded in pdf format.
  2. Practice sets are upgraded with the current NCERT pattern to avoid any repetition.
  3. Solutions of all sets are uploaded in the same section. You can download all files in a single folder which is provided with a purchase option.
  4. As it is symmetrical with board exam papers we provide you with the study material with keeping the competition in mind for a better outcome.
  5. This is going to be your first experience with a board exam, so we provide a better reinforcement that will raise your confidence before the commencement of the final dates.

CBSE Model Question Papers for all Subjects

Mathematics, Science and English are demanding subjects as students put more stress on them.

  • We start with Mathematics which is interesting, formula-based and high-scoring. The question pattern comes with theoretical and practical parts for which you get 90 marks and 10 marks respectively. Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Statistics, Probability, Co-ordinate geometry, and Mensuration is the important units as mentioned in the new syllabus.
  • Science is also one of the favourite subjects which contain theory with experiments in physics, chemistry and biology. Question pattern based on MCQ, Very short answer type, Long answer type and very long answer type. In this section, you have to follow the word limit and lab experiments to score among the top rankers.
  • English subject comes with a textbook with a Reading and writing section along with Grammar-based questions. Follow the reference books and grammar topics and practice in the comprehension and writing section to obtain good marks.
  • In the next slide, we have subjects like Hindi, Sanskrit, Social science, Foundation of IT, Home science and others which are equally important as the above discipline. To make sure we cover all the topics, we place them in practice sets like the CBSE exam pattern.
  • With thorough reading and understanding of the language and grammatical section, one can perform better and develop an idea of language, people and surroundings which is an integral part of the above subjects. Project and map work gives you an overview and practical experience of it.
  • Home ScienceFoundation of IT with additional subjects like Music and French language is added for overall grooming. These subjects are going to test your skill in different fields of society and its culture, food and nutrition, and changes in fashion. Art and music are other areas where you can show your artistic views and improvisation.

Support and ideas from

This sample paper is a result of our day-to-day research and the efforts of expert faculties associated with it. We are keen to work towards the betterment of students who are going to be a part of the CBSE board exam 2023. And for this, we created an environment of competition and problem-solving abilities among students to prepare themselves before it’s too late. There is a special focus on weaker students to guide them with appropriate study material and provide online assistance if they are facing any difficulties. You can post your queries and ask for any solution through WhatsApp number flashes on our website and we would like to see if parents want to share their experiences with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I get CBSE sample paper For Class 10?

A: You can get CBSE sample papers for class 10 from CBSE official website as PDF. But there, you will find only one model question paper. If you want to practice more sample papers, you can download them from the GMS – Learning Simply mobile app. These are exactly similar to CBSE official sample papers and definitely help you score good marks in board exams.


Q: Which sample paper is best for Class 10 CBSE?

A: CBSE official sample papers are the best for class 10 board exams. You can download them from the GMS – Learning Simply app for free. You will find a set of 10 sample papers based on CBSE official model papers on GMS. These are the best sample papers for class 10 students.


Q: Which sample paper is best for Class 10 2023-24?

A: As you know, the question paper pattern changes this year so sample papers given on CBSE’s official website are the best ones for class 10 2023-24. The CBSE board exam will have the same set of papers with different questions. Our teachers have prepared exactly the same model papers for class 10 2023-24. You can download the best sample papers for class 10 board exams from the GMS – Learning Simply app.


Q: Is CBSE released Sample Paper for 2023-24 for Class 10?

A: Yes. CBSE officially released new sample papers on 16th September 2023-24 for the session 2023-24. CBSE will conduct the 2023 board exam in February – March 2023. Students can download new model question papers from the GMS – Learning Simply app


Q: Is 10th Board removed from 2023-24 to 2023 CBSE?

No. CBSE board is there and exams will be conducted in Feb – Mar 2023.


Q: Is 2023 board exam MCQ?

A: No. It will have both subjective and objective questions. You will find MCQ, ARQ, Fill ups, T/F, Statement, descriptive and case study-type questions in the annual exam question paper. As CBSE has already released model papers on 16th September 2023-24, you can go through them and get an idea about the format of the exact question paper.


Q: Is 2023 board exam easy or hard?

A: You cannot say it is easy or hard. But it will moderate with all types of questions. For example, class 10 maths will carry 54% easy questions. 24% of application-based questions have a moderate difficulty level and 22% of analyzing-type questions have a bit difficult questions.


Q: What is the pass marks out of 80?

A: You must score 26+ out of 80 to pass the exam. But in class 10 the passing marks are calculated out of 100 (80 Board + 20 Internal) and there is no clause to pass the theory and practical separately as in class 12th. So if you score 20/20 in internal and 13/80 in theory, you will pass the class 10 exam. Overall you need 33/100 to pass the class 10 board exam


Q: What is the new pattern of CBSE for Class 10 2023-24 – 2023?

A: The new pattern of the CBSE class 10 exam 2023-24 – 2023 includes the whole syllabus altogether. It is a 100% single annual exam with NO term-1 and term-2. So, get ready for your exams keeping in mind that you have to study the whole syllabus and appear in one single annual exam in 2023.


Q: If I study only Sample Papers, will I pass the exam?

A: Not sure. It’s really difficult as Sample Papers are for practice and analysis of your performance. These are not meant for studying and rote learning. The actual exam will have a different set of questions with the same difficulty level. So, study from NCERT books and check your performance with sample papers. Now analyse the outcomes and focus on your weak areas. You will definitely score good marks in your class 10 board exams.


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