You are a resident of Shivaji Nagar Pune. You are concerned about the increasing number of road mishaps in your city. Write a letter to the editor of a local magazine “Jan Chetna” highlighting the problem and suggesting measures to check the problem.


Shivaji Nagar
10 January 2024

The Editor
Jan Chetna

Subject: concern about the increase in number of road mishaps


I am writing to express my deep concern about the alarming rise in road mishaps in our beloved city, Pune. Shivaji Nagar, where I reside, has recently witnessed several tragic accidents, each one shaking the community to its core. The statistics are not just numbers; they represent shattered lives, broken families, and an atmosphere of fear for all who use the city’s roads.

The causes of these accidents are multifaceted: from reckless driving and speeding to distracted motorists and a lack of awareness about traffic rules. Poorly maintained roads, inadequate signage, and insufficient enforcement further exacerbate the problem. It is simply unacceptable that navigating our own city streets has become a gamble with our safety.

We cannot remain silent spectators while lives are lost and families are devastated. We, the citizens of Pune, must demand immediate action from the authorities and work together to create a safer road environment.

Here are some concrete steps we can take:

  • Stricter enforcement of traffic laws: Speeding, rash driving, jumping signals, and driving under the influence must be met with swift and appropriate penalties. Regular checks and breathalyzers can act as deterrents.
  • Improved infrastructure: Potholes, broken signals, and inadequate lighting need immediate attention. Pedestrian crossings, proper lane markings, and clear signage can significantly improve road safety.
  • Public awareness campaigns: Educating citizens about traffic rules, defensive driving techniques, and the consequences of irresponsible behavior is crucial. Schools, colleges, and community centers can be crucial partners in this effort.
  • Promoting alternate modes of transportation: Encouraging cycling, walking, and public transport will not only reduce congestion but also create a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

This is not just a matter of statistics; it is about the lives of our fellow citizens. Let’s raise our collective voice, demand action, and work together to make Pune’s roads safer for everyone.


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